Camp Meeting 2022 Payment Methods
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Please chose your payment method from the choices below.   Thank you.  Have a Question? 
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Camp Meeting 2022 Payment Methods
Please Choose
When making payment with Zelle it may be best to send $5.00 to make sure it reaches our account.  Then I will send you a statement verifying I have the payment, then send the total amount you plan to pay. 

     1.  You have to use our email, ""
     2. For the name it's 
          > First Name: Apostolic Faith
          >Last Name:  Mission
          >Zelle will find us registered as: Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland
     3. In the memo area, provide your Name, Phone number and Pastor's name

Thank you

To Mail in Payment

     1.  We prefer Money Orders.
     2. Payable to: Apostolic Faith Mission.
     3. In the Memo area your phone # and Pastor's name will help.
     4. Mail to Apostolic Faith Mission, PO Box 6087, Columbus, GA. 31917

Thank you

     Price List Package  (Multiple Occupancy) 

               (Children 0-2)                  $0.00 
               (Children 3-8)                $50.00 
               (Children 9-17)             $150.00
               (18 & Older)                   $375.00
     Weekend Rate  (Multiple Occupancy)

               (Children 0-2)                  $0.00 
               (Children 3-8)                $50.00 
               (Children 9-17)           $100.00
               (18 & Older)                 $200.00